Sustainable House, How To Save Energy

Sustainable House, Environment and Energy Saving

Nowadays we are in a time very special and we might even say dangerous, there are serious environmental problems. We have reached a point of damaging our planet and its ecosystem that going back may possibly not be much as possible.
Here is the reason why we want to return to talk about the house seen as a sustainable home in order to encourage and promote a culture to consider that a house should have a limited impact on the environment, both in terms of the materials used for the construction and also for the restructuring’s methods themselves. The house’s eco-compatibility towards the environment is its capability to consume the same amount of energy that the house itself produces. In another post we have already discussed about this important issue when we talked of the ‘zero-cost-house‘.
Up to here is the theory, in reality the practice does not always correspond to the expectations.
But here we want to emphasize the need and importance that all of us should acquire an environmental awareness, the awareness that the planet is not our own property and that we have to deliver it to the next generations in acceptable conditions, at least as we have received it from those that came before us.

Compared to a few years ago presently there is more sensitivity to problems related to energy consumption, trying to contain the need to heat or cool our homes with even the relative cost reduction (energy saving and money saving).
So now we are increasingly using equipment and products that improve the insulation thereby reducing the energy required to heat or cool our homes.

In the Centres DIY, like The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Rona Inc., Sears etc. there is the availability of products and equipment to deal with these kinds of problems related to substantially reduce energy consumption and moreover to improve the energetic efficiency.

In these places you can find there a whole range of the latest generation of aircon, presented in a variety of models suitable for every need and, also, for every budget. But also fans for ceiling and fans for wall, electric water heaters low consumption, lamps, showers of any type with consumption of water reducers, up to small solar panels plants to heat the water.
In conclusion, in those DIY Centers you can find all products, equipment and measures to achieve energy savings while minimizing the impact on the environment of your house.

Energy saving, a concept so important to all of us that it has become a must for manufacturers and users, it is pursued by a thousand technical details that we want to try here below to summarize the adoption or replacement of appliances of a better energy class

  • the insulation of walls (thermal insulation of external walls), floors and attic, as well as the insulation of hot water pipes to prevent heat loss and waste of energy
  • the adoption of double glazing and a new generation of windows
  • the use of solar panels for the production of hot water
  • the adoption of environmentally friendly fuels like pellets

the simple list that we reported here above needs one additional factor, which is a major factor, perhaps the most important of all. That is the acquisition of a sensitive attitude, the consciousness and environmentally awareness.
Although it is obvious, let us emphasize that the best form of energy savings is always to turn off the system when not in use and when it is not necessary.

And finally remembering that our efforts to reduce energy consumption must not be thwarted by taking the wrong direction, in fact it is not rational nor helpful getting heat by using the electricity because it would mean to use a noble energy to get an energy of 2nd level, which is simply silly.


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