Sliding Doors For Wardrobe, How To Install Sliding Doors

We have already discussed in another post the problem of replacing an internal door of our house with something nicer and smarter than a commun door: the sliding door which is a usefull and smart system to close a room or a closet.

Today instead we want talk about a locking system for a wardrobe, a sliding door for your wardrobe.

As we said, the installation of a sliding door it is not a deep complicated work, just it needs to be made by following simple advices and advance step by step..

To install a sliding door on a wardrobe can take no more that 3-4 hours.

What we need to install a sliding door on our wardrobe:

  • a power drill
  • wood drill bits
  • a screwdriver
  • a bradawl
  • a tape measure

Sliding doors system has the great advantage of fitting well the whole space, wall to wall, saving space and making your wardrobe more pleasant and at the same time more efficient.

There are a wide range of sliding doors, from modern to traditional, with glasses or without, some with mirrors, not talking about materials, wood, plastic, metal. You can be sure that you will find the model that you like and that enhance your place.

It is not necessary having a big large room to install a sliding door, as the purpose of a sliding door is primarily to enhance and rationalize your space and, at the same time, make your room innovative and unique.

Under this last point, must be said that there is also the possibility to have your sliding door made-to-measure to fit perfectly any kind of space your may have, no matter the size of your room.


Installing sliding doors is not really difficult, it is just better to have someone that help you. The work is made easy as, usually, this kind of doors are not particularly heavy and the producer make it easy to install.

There are several types of utilization of sliding doors and therefore also different are the systems to install these sliding doors. If you want to install sliding doors for wardrobe, ceiling to floor, the job to do that is even easier.

You must be sure that the floor is effectively parallel to the ceiling (which is not always like that) and in case you have to keep arrangements to correct the gap. You may use a wood lath over the door, filling the redundant space between the lath and the ceiling with a wood panel.

Normally sliding doors work by scrolling through roller on trails fixed on the upper door jamb.

Therefore after taking careful measurements of the compartment door, you will have to fix the horizontal mast on which, as we have just said here above, it must be fixed the track. This can be fixed trough dowels on the wall and must be twice the length of the door to fit the sliding door when the door is open.

If you buy a set of sliding doors and you want install it probably you do not encounter any trouble as these doors are realized into standard sizes.

Another talk is when you are looking at a so called pocket sliding doors. In this case we are talking of a system in which the door scroll inside an internal wall and it is hidden inside. This system is even better because allows a better use of the available space.

Obviously for this kind of installation it should be better to revert to a professional because the work needs a good knowledge in the masonry field or constructions.

Nevertheless on the market, you can find kits ready-to-install for pocket doors which make almost everybody able to install himself his pocket door.


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