Laying Wooden Floor Planks, How To Install Wood Floor

The comfort of a cozy home, the warmth of a nice floor, maybe also with a nice fireplace, are all elements of a framework that everyone has in his heart, because the house is the place where you feel safe, calm and in total peace of mind.  and this is how it should always be.

To make sure that our place has these requirements, these features, which make of it ‘our’ sweet home, there are many things that you can do.

The important is to try personalize it, to make it unique, with furniture chosen by us for us according to our sensibility and our emotionalism, in short… to represent us.

But there are also many other elements that may contribute to give a touch of personality and warmth, one for all is the floor…. yes people, the floor!

Do we like a floor where we may walk barefoot even in winter, a floor able to transmits to us the feeling of intimacy of the house? Do we?

Why don’t think of a nice wooden floor with wooden planks in? This is one of the warmest and attractive types of flooring and presently it is also trendy, you will see with your friends!

The laying of a floor planks is not a very complicated work and we can also perform it by ourselves.


To choose the appropriate type of wood floor that better comply with our desires, it is better to consider some key factors for the choice:

  • The thickness available we have
  • If we have the need to isolate the room from the thermal or acoustic point of view
  • What is the current coverage of the floor on which we have to install the wooden planks
  • The ability of those who provide for installation of the floor as well the availability of suitable equipment (for instance for sanding wooden floor)
  • The amount of  time we intend to spend on tghis work
  • How much we have in mind as a budget

one last detail that we have to take into account is the possible existence of a system of underfloor heating (which drastically alters the way to pose). For semplicity we will talk about in another post.

After having told these considerations, we have to add that there are different types of wood flooring:

  1. Parquet
  2. Floating floors
  3. Flooring with wooden planks

about the first two types we have already discussed in other posts, therefore now we want to concentrate on the laying of the floor plank of wood.



Installing Wooden Floor Planks, as of today there are no longer problems like in the past, linked to deformation and settling of the planks of solid wood. This is thanks to new products such as silanic glues (which are gradually replacing the two-components glues) that make easier the pose, in addition to that the second important aspect is the care of the fund which must be absolutely smooth and ‘primer’.

The planks can be pre-polished and pre-painted with paints without VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) with the advantage that the floor will be usable in a relatively short time, without having to wait days, as in the past, and there will be no release of hazardous fumes.

Usually, professional installers prefer to have wooden planks rough and then proceed to the polishing and painting on site.

For our part, we will choose the type we prefer according to the equipment that we have, and bearing in mind that when laying flooring planks you have to wait ten days after gluing and then proceed to fill all the boards and, after being sanded, you must pass through some cotes of natural oil that should be well absorbed by the wood and evaporated.

1- Planks

2- wallnuts stripes

3- hydraulic mortar screed

4- sheath


The laying of planks to be fixed with nails is certainly simpler and more healthy because there is no gas fumes neither compounds spread out in the air .

Of course, to be able to use the technique of nailing it will be necessary to have a suitable primer base, prepared by placing strips of chestnut (or wallnut) on it, into a screed of hydraulic mortar.

The nailing system also guarantees against the risk of deformation of the planks.


As we have already seen under the floating floors or parquet,  also the wooden planks are packaged in pre-sanded and pre-painted kits, ready to be installed. Those kits are available everywhere at any DIY shop.

The only important requirement for this kind of flooring is that the ground is perfectly flat and smooth.  It should be better to put on the bottom a Jute fiber mat to prevent the decline of the plank when you will walk on it.

This is a quick and reliable way to install a floor, but it has some drawbacks, infact it is not particularly suited for laying a solid wood plank


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