How To Use Pallets, Ideas To Build Objects With Pallets

We have often seen outside department stores those sort of wodden crates that are usually trown away. Why not use them to make them live a new life again? We are talking about pallets

The Pallet As A Creative Material

Among the most frequently used materials by DIY lovers we can certainly count the pallets, the same things that are commonly used by shippers to handle efficiently and keep stored merchandises.
The principle of protecting the environment and therefore the recycling of materials is one of the prerogatives that usually inspire handymen, however, it is very important to know the characteristics of the materials that we are going to recycle in order to prevent to operate with contaminated materials that may then be potentially dangerous both in the processing steps as well as in the future for their potential gradual release.
In fact the pallets are by their nature ideal materials to be reused because of their easy availability and for their negligible cost. By their very nature that lends itself, once disassembled, to be reused to made furniture or household objects, for the garden, for the kids game, but it’s also true that very often they could be hazardous materials ’cause they can contain harmful substances that have been absorbed by the wood during treatment with hazardous materials or even to be in contact with toxic substances.
In fact, the primary use of pallets, as said, generally is referred to be a support in warehouses and stores for easy mobility of the goods or its storage.

Controls On Pallets

Given what has been said so far, it is now understandable how it is important to check in advance the quality of the pallet we are going to use. It is important to know in what conditions were used before.
In most instances we may find the pallets in a warehouse or had as a gift from some acquaintance which operates in a shipping company or from a friend that owns a warehouse or a store.
Another criterion to be taken in order to have pallets free from toxic substances, could be to exclude those coming from the USA (in fact as the American standards require the use of very powerful chemicals to eliminate parasites or other pathogens, which is fine for goods but not for our health!).
In any case abbreviations placed on pallets are universally recognized and it is good to know them:
-MB indicates for example that the pallet is treated with methyl bromide, while
-HT indicates that the pallet was treated with heat as a method of sterilization.

Another question we should be asking is: what was the purpose for which the pallet has been used before? and how it was used previously? In any case it would be better to avoid those pallets used for shipping products and materials toxic or otherwise polluting.
Even if you cannot consider this as a safe system, you can try washing the pallet with detergents and disinfectants, rinsing well with running water. Obviously given the wood porosity, there is not guarantee but, at least some toxic residue is taken away.

Ideas For Using Pallets

To use pallets in a creative way requires only a bit of imagination and fantasy and there is no limit to that.
You can range from the construction of the headboard of a bed for your family’s country cottage or for the children’s bedroom, achievable simply putting two pallets vertically to the head of the bed, the construction of a garden or vertical planter or even build a cabinet itself.

Other ideas can be the realization of a shelf for books or dishes, but also a sofa, armchairs, a coffee table, a towel rack for the bathroom, a magazine rack and much, much more. Everything we have here mentioned can be made with simple wood pallets, few nails, a little goodwill and a lot of fun!


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