How To Prepare A Christmas Table, Christmas’ Table Decorations

Christmas is the season of love, peace and family. Preparing and decorating our home for the Christmas holidays is a way to involve the whole family, a reason to gather and joy for all.

If you have decided to spend the Christmas holidays at home, a very important part of these holidays certainly is the Christmas’ Eve dinner .

A house full of love and warmth, a beautiful decorated Christmas tree, a lovely crib, are all things that fill the mind with peace and serenity.

A well laid table and prepared with flair , just adds to the festive atmosphere even a touch of elegance and class and will be something that everyone will appreciate is that you consume Christmas Dinner with your family, whether you have guests ..

Obviously to properly set the Christmas table must be well organized in advance.


We do not intend repeat what everybody already know about Christmas, in fact all over the world there are different customs and traditions on how to celebrate Christmas Holydays.

  • Someone is used to have the big dinner on the evening of Christmas’ Eve, often based on fish dishes, reserving for lunch, on December 25, only a lighter meal .
  • Others, however, are traditionally used to have a light snack after midnight Holy Mass and then the great Christmas Lunch on the next day.

What definetely they all have in common is the preparation of a special table and an extensive delicious menu.


Whether it’s Christmas’ Eve dinner or Christmas luncheon, the care of the table, the decorations, the way you set the table, the choice of dishes, glasses and all the rest are of particular importance to time and we think we must put our best attention to that if we want to try to impress our guests, counting that reciprocate in a future occasions.

A minimum of programming certainly is essential to have a good result. It may be helpful to take a few notes to make sure you do not forget anything.

As always, on important occasions like this, is best to set the table in advance, for example, early in the morning for the Luncheon or in the early afternoon in case you will have a Christmas’ Eve Dinner.

The tablecloth can be white, embroidered tablecloth or the classic Christmas red tablecloth, but the important is that it is of the right size to hang from the table at least 10 inches on each side.

About the napkins, although those of tissue are obviously always the most suitable, if the situation allows it, you could replace them with paper napkins duly folded as triangle, possibly matching the tablecloth. But, please, never use the current white fastfood type napkins!

To mark the places at the table, find some placeholders, they are very useful so you will immediately know if your table is sufficient or if you need to provide several extensions.

There are several types of placeholders, from the simple stiker-holder to small trinkets, perhaps as a edible figurines of bread dough or almond (very nice! After identifying your place, you can eat it!). Another just as cute idea would be to use as markers, small anphoras in which put two-three teaspoons of cream and two cherry mozzarella with a little fork or a toothpick. Guests will love them!

Of course the etiquette tells us how they should be positioned cutlery. Although we are not too formal, proper disposal as well as functional satisfies the taste of the more refined connoisseurs of good taste. Therefore:

  • The right to spoon and knife,
  • Left for Forks,
  • Fruit and dessert cutlery above

glasses slightly to the right front of the plate, next to the placeholder.

The dishes style should be appropriate to the type of interior decoration and the house’s style, without exceeding, but also without running out (and take also into account for some emergency, especially if there are children!)

Another not secondary element is the centerpiece (one or more, depending from the length of the table). A beautiful composition of dried or fresh flowers or fresh, made by yourself would definitely be of a great effect .. and it is nothing difficult.

Even some Christmas decoration placed here and there on the table would help to add a touch of cheer to the Christmas table denoting the care of the hostess to detail.


Technically this is not part of the preparation of the Christmas’ table we are talking in this post, however the menu is an important part of the Christmas celebrations  and it must be prepared according to the above tips in order to have a very well laid table.

Obviously we are not talking about the contents of the menu, for which we refer to other articles with the relevant recipes and ingredients, but specifically to the menu’s paper itself.

The menu is just an ‘accessory’ but it could come useful, especially if there are many guests and visitors and if some are vips. The writing of a particular menu, in any case, can be nice even among friends.

We may divide the type of Menu depending on the context of which we discussed above, you can then prepare

  1. a witty menu
  2. a more formal menu

In both cases, you can set the list of the courses on a normal white or colored paper, folded in half and placed in a horizontal direction, listing on the left the appetizers, main courses and to the right the desserts, drinks and coffee. And everything cheerfully decorated throughout.

To give more consistency you can also use some sort of thick paper, like a cover of a book, in which will be inserted the menu’s sheet. To keep nicely the two together you can use a piece of red ribbon.

Another possibility is to use a sheet on which we can try to imitate an ancient parchment and then roll up and fix with the usual red ribbon.

The Menus should be prepared one for every two guests. Very chic and humorous effect may be to make a copy of it in a bigger size to be placed on a coffee table next to the dinner table or, if you have it, on an easel or something similar, that you may put at the room entrance.

These are steps that can be very nice for a beautiful Christmas Table, however everything is still to be assessed at your own discretion , according to the confidence with the guests and the kind of atmosphere of the event, in order not to be ridicule, but rather to pleasantly surprise guests so they may keep a nice memory of Christmas past from you.


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