How To Make Gardening Tools Shed, Build House For Gardening Tools

If you have a small garden and if you are gardening lover it can be useful to have a space outside the house where you can store your garden tools. In fact it will be very helpful to always have at hand our garden tools as well as, at the same time, keep them protected from the weather.
The solution it could be to build a wooden house for garden tools.
Obviously, in the malls, workroom, like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, are easily available several mounting kit to build small houses for tools, sometimes at moderate prices and above all, easy to assemble.
However, how can you compare buying a product ready to mount to something you have to project and put together with only our own hands?

house for tools
We, as DIY lovers, know very well that the pleasure of building and do it by yourself is the little bit that make the great difference. In addition to the great satisfaction, you can adapt the house to your real needs and your taste and, possibly, build it with better quality of materials so it will be more strong than the wooden houses for tools generally offered by market.
Maybe (not allways) it could come to cost a little more, but definetly it will be another matter entirely!


We can divide into two categories the types of shed for garden tools

  1. individual houses (means, single selfstanding houses)
  2. houses leaning against a wall

About the typology mentioned sub 1) we talked about that on another post because, essentially, it is a normal cabin or house only with dimensions a little smaller.
As far as the houses huddled, first of all we assume to have a portion of wall without windows or a boundary wall that can be a support for our wooden structure (and thus serves as a fourth side).
Undoubtedly, in this case we will have the advantage of using a solid structure that will confer an anchor just as solid and safe also for our wood house.


Imagine you want to build a shed for tools of medium size (approx 12 ft x 15 ft)

  • Materials and tools needed to build a small house for garden tools:
    — 6 poles square section of 4 1/2 X 5 1/8 inches and 10 feet height (one pole for each corner and two poles for the jambs of the door)
    — beaded of 5” of width, 10 feet Length and 1 1/2 inch thick.
    –5 Joists 2”x3”, length 12 feet
    –nails (various lenght 2” , 2 1/2” and 3”)
    –nails by 1 1/2 inch wide headed for canadian tiles
    –Canadian tiles

Before you begin, you should at least give a good coat of primer to the entire material of wood, like beads, joists and posts.

Once all the wood is dried, in order to start the house’s construction we must take account of the kind of terrain the base is made.
It means that we have to consider if the house rests directly on the ground or if there is a concrete slab. In relation to what we use the proper metal fittings to attach the four poles to the ground.
These accessories in practice are metal brackets with a point-shaped metal stick to be inserted into the ground (if the base is ground) or provided with four holes to be screwed down to the concrete basement (if this is the case).
We have to fix the poles to one another with provisional joists so as to maintain the horizontal and vertical alignment while we start to nail the beads, starting from the side and from below, starting from the wall.
When we have nailed all the beads of the two sides, we will make the cut oblique sloping roof, using a simple circular saw (this work could also be done before installation, just make sure to take carefull good measures to give the right angle).
Now we can nailing the beads of the front of our house in wood tool, taking care to cut them in order to leave the opening of the door.
The roof will be made up of beads which rest on the 11” joists lined for lengthwise and duly screwed up on poles.
One last step will be the roof finishing: we must place the Canadian tiles.
The laying of the Canadian tiles, which indeed are very practical, inexpensive and long-lasting, is a job that needs to be done carefully to make the roof effective.
The laying of the Canadian starts from the right edge of the lower roof and then progressing horizontally strip by strip.
The first row must be laid on the contrary, with the flaps upwards, while the following files will be laid normally.

house for gardening tools

The door can be built with the same technique we saw before, by approaching 5 beads arranged vertically held together in the inner part of the door by a frame formed by four beads to form the cornice and placed diagonally to strengthen the door.

A lock and a handle will complete the work. Now we have our work done, a beautiful small house for gardening tools.

If desired, even at a later time, you can make a window, simply by cutting with circular saw the hole of the window and then reinforce with a frame. It is also possible to use the workbeads cut, reinforced with a cross oblique, as a small window sash .


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