How To Install A Window, Replace A Window

The windows and the doors in a house are the major points of heat exchange (heat loss) and therefore who pays attention to energy saving and wants a house with an acceptable environmental impact, have to devote much attention to them.

howto install a window

If your home is not new and was not built with the modern criteria of respect for the environment, you can intervene to try to improve its insulation to get closer to the ideal zero cost house which we discussed in another article.

install window

The replacement or the installation of a door or a window is a work not really suitable for DIY enthusiasts as, ususally, it would be preferable to rely on professionals.

However, as all of us, DIY lovers, know very well, there is (almost) nothing that can stop us!

In the DIY centers, like The Home Depot, Sears, Lowe’s and others primary sellers, you can buy complete sets of frames at very reasonable prices: and these are products of excellent quality, certified by the manufacturers that ensure the high quality and provide full and comprehensive instructions for an easy assembly.

Therefore with a little manuality, a little patience and a little knowledge obtained from the advice of friends and consultation on the web, we will be certainly able to install our window by ourselves.

replacing a window

When you install a window or a door, you are connecting two different surfaces, the frame of the window and the wall. Since the two surfaces generally do not perfectly match, the installation needs to take account of the slight imperfections and compensate this gap through the use of suitable tools and various materials such as plaster or foam of polyurethane foam.

The installation approach is necessarily different when it comes to new construction or if you must replace an existing window or door in a restructuring.

For new or very recent constructions it is preferable to use the so-called sub-frames. These are frames of wood that are walled up during the construction phase so as to have an opening more ‘regular’ on which, as a result, you can proceed to easily mount the window frame. The subframe is made according to the characteristics of the window or door which will be retrofitted (any screens, shutter or other). In case you want to change the type of door you will need to adapt the frame to accept the new sizes of ther door.

As regards instead to restructuring, it should be taken note with precision and accuracy of the measurements and characteristics of the existing window frame and what we are going to replace. In these cases it will normally be masonry, but will be better to try to get some additional space between the old and the new window frame to mount it easily. The spaces are then closed with covers both internal and external.

A detail not negligible is represented by the fact that during the replacement of the window or the door, typically the people continues to live into the house and then it will be necessary that the supply of the frame is complete and ready to be installed at the right time, to reduce the discomfort to a minimum.

Also in this case (as done for the previous) the frame fixing system is quite similar to that used with the sub-frame and is carried through screws and polyurethane foam which provide the best sealing of the door/window.

To mount a door or installing a window, you should have the following tools ready to use:

  • a level
  • meter
  • plumb
  • brackets
  • mason’s hammer
  • chisels and joinery wooden wedges
  • canister of polyurethane foam
  • cement quick-setting grout and trowel

To mount the door or window we proceed by inserting the frame of the window in the compartment in the wall by using wedges to secure it.

frames of windows

Then with a chisel you drill few holes to insert anchor bolts.

The next day all the gaps, both interior and exterior side, should be sealed and closed with polyurethane foam and or plaster.



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