How To Furnish A Terrace, Solutions Decorate A Terrace Or A Deck

Having a terrace, perhaps on the roof of the property (what now everyone calls an attic) it means for you to have the chance to enjoy an outdoor space that, despite having the features of the garden, is much more easily manageable.

You can create a comfortable and elegant environment where you can invite friends or relatives in absolute freedom and pleasantly entertain and relax with them.

The advantage of a beautiful terrace is also increased if the building is located in the middle of a crowded and busy city giving to you that sense of freedom, calm and quiet for which you should otherwise drive for many miles.

However, each type of environment has its own strengths. Imagine a terrace of a penthouse overlooking the sea with a chance to enjoy a drink with your friends in the evening, perhaps looking at a gorgeous sunset. Almost the same emotions will be those offered by a dinner on the terrace in a beautiful summer evening with behind the skyline of the mountain landscape with snow-capped mountains.


If our terrace has already a finished floor, we could keep that as it is and avoid further expenses, or maybe we can think of a new floor with wooden interlocking tiles that can be easily installed by ourselves and that are available at any warehouse or DIY store where you can find several kind of types and sizes. (12×12 24×24 12×24) or planks of wood to cut and fix. The prices are not high and the result is fantastic.


In order to benefit most of having a nice and beautiful terrace or a deck , it is mandatory to furnish the terrace and decor it in the right way to make it a pleasant and comfortable ambience. There are many solutions to decorate a terrace or a deck, from the installation of awnings or curtains.

An important part in making a pleasant terrace it is certainly represented by the plants. Well selected, according to the context, the climate and the style of our terrace and expertly placed will give a touch of personality.

As we said above, many and differents can be the environmental and contexts of the terrace and it should be taken into account when designing the furniture to decorate our terrace. Obviously, these aspects must then be reconciled with our personal tastes in order to create a setting adequate, but that matches our way of being.

A minimalist décor, perhaps in light colors like white or blue in combination with accessories or draperies contrasting white or yellow for a terrace with a touch of marine style .

Beautiful are the sofas and armchairs in lacquered wood, beach type. Maybe with pillows coordinated with the curtains fluttering by a white gazebo. The furniture must of course be made of materials resistant to the elements.

Also, having enough space, you may think to install on your terrace a small pool or a hot tub, around which we could have some loungers or chairs to create our own private solarium.

Since, as we allways say, we are environmentally conscious, therefore it would not hurt to make the entire terrace power need supplied by a small photovoltaic system to run pumps, lighting and everything else (grill music etc.).

The plants, as we have said before, are very well suited to create a lush setting, but also, especially if there are others around the building of the same height, to create a barrier to protect your privacy on your terrace.

The use of climbing plants can give a very trendy look to your terrace, perhaps you can make them growing close to the walls, climbing on the gazebo’s poles or along the railings .

We have talked of a gazebo, but it could very well be used even a simple garden parasol, those with lateral support and the opening by handle. Both are available in almost all department stores in shopping or DIY centers.

Since the terrace of a penthouse is the ideal venue for fine luncheons or or for an intimate dinner with friends, a nice table, preferably extensible, complete with chairs, preferably folding chairs, is undoubtedly something necessary.

An alternative, certainly less expensive, but that can produce its good effect could be to build some chests (made of wood or also with bricks) to be put along the deck sides, covered with a soft and colored cloth with nice cushions scattered on it, that works very well as a sofa and will surely be appreciated by your friends. In addition you may use the inside of the chests as storage from the weather for the pillows and other accessories)


Another important aspect to be taken into account is without any doubt the lighting. In fact, in order to benefit the terrace after dark, in addition to the romantic candles (usefull only to create a sweet atmosphere, but that provide a poor light … ) we should design an electrical system, simple and effective.

If we opted for the gazebo, we can install wall sconces on it : there are of every type and price at any DIY store or Brico Center. Otherwise we can install spot lights for external use or for the garden, having fun to create special effects by placing spotlights exterior close to the plants , facing upwards , possibly also with colored lamps , to increase the decorative effect. And don’t forget to put the sockets, because when you need one, are never enough!


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