How To Change Your Kitchen, Ikea Metod Kitchen System

The kitchen is without any doubt one of the rooms of your home more customizable and Ikea, the giant of the distribution made in Sweden allows us to do so likeable, innovative and …more of all not expensive.

In addition to the functionality of the kitchen, which is, of course, the first requirement among the priorities, the aesthetic appearance and the personality come immediately after.

In fact, often the kitchen appearance reflects the character and personality of the people who live in the house.

Time is gone, when you are used to go to a Department Store or Furniture Shop and bought right a way this or that kitchen ready to be installed in a pre-assembled package.

Today, as we have mentioned before, everybody is willing to create his own unique and unrepeatable home environment to feel good and in which he wants be comfortable and relaxable.

So, if you are living in Europe and are thinking to replace, change or remodele the kitchen, well Ikea comes to you by proposing a new concept that feet right for your need, the line Ikea Metod.

But what is this new concept?

Let’s say that from a certain point of view that it is not it would not be just a novelty as the Swedish giant has always acted as a distributor of cheap furniture, easily adaptable to various living situations and, in general, furnishings to be assembled.

This mentioned aspect allows us don’t go off topic while dealing with Ikea products. In fact, although it must be said that to assemble Ikea furniture it is something everyone can do (as long as he is not totally unable in any manual activity), the articles of Ikea can be used to create furniture components, being assemblable with one another and so on.

The spirit that animated the creation of the new line Metod simply consists to provide modular elements available in various sizes in order to allow the user to create his own kitchen environment with the maximum of flexibility, adapting the various cabinets and bases to each different situation making full use of available space in the most rational way.

As the name itself suggests, the new line of Ikea kitchens is even more than a new method, it is a new concept of assembling a kitchen. Hopefully the beloved Ikea will make this new line available soon also in the U.S. And, as we heard around, this wlould happen within months!


It is obvious that Ikea has deeply analyzed what could be the new requirements of its customers before propose this new line Metod Kitchen Ikea.

However we must say that since now it is already possible to create our own kitchen by choosing the materials, the finishes, the accessories, the models and so far, but with Ikea Kitchen Metod we will have a wide availability of sizes width, depth and height to allow us to prepare and equip our kitchen bypassing any wall irregularity and every special situation by fitting all the space available.

Ikea Metod Kitchen will offer more layout, more combinations, more style and storage possibilities than ever before in a way that you are going to have more freedom to create your dream kitchen.

Another innovative element which is implicit in the new Ikea Metod Kitchen will be the possibility of converting your kitchen to possible changes in family status that may occur or, more simply, to your changing of taste or point of view.

In fact you will be able to change the whole appearance of your kitchen by changing only some component to adapt it to your new requirements.



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