How To Build A Wrought Iron Gate, Making An Iron Gate

How to build a wrought iron gate in your backyard

Unfortunately, nowadays security requires us to sacrifice our innate sense of freedom that should suggest to us keeping windows and doors open, but instead we are forced to defend ourselves even in our homes by keeping us safe through the protection of an alarm systems and various fences.

It ‘s definitely something regrettable, but unfortunately it is the way things go.

Building a wrought iron gate is a job that requires a certain knowledge and a deep commitment.

Then it comes to trying to minimize the costs for such features in order to ensure our security.

Today we don’t want talk about alarm systems because this has been already the subject of other posts, while instead we dedicate this post to see what we can do for enhance mechanical barriers and set up a metal fence.

To realize our wrought iron gate we should refer to professionals, an architect for the aesthetic aspects of the iron gate, a blacksmith and a mason for assembly and installation work, but at this point a question arises……. why we cannot do everything by ourselves? making a wrought iron gate diy?

Making railings or iron gates to ensure a certain security is a demanding job, but as a counterpart we will get a great satisfaction from this and, we add, an exclusive safety.

In fact it’s not uncommon that after the installation of burglar alarms or barriers against thieves, you receive the unwelcome visit!

And even if we want to say loud and clear that the vast majority of professionals is undoubtedly honest and reliable, … you never know!

If we consider that to do these works some small temporary demolitions are necessary, we will easily realize the savings entity that you can make if you do it yourself.

The material needed to build our railing can easily be found at the DIY centers (as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) or, if you are more experts, at the blacksmiths or hardware shops with obvious further significant savings.

There are several ways to build a railing or an iron gate:

  • it is possible to weld the iron rods and then cement the perimeter of the door frame that can be screwed linking the various components with the screws having the foresight to flattening the head of each screw in order to make impossible the unscrewing
  • There are also simple and inexpensive assembly kit composed of iron rods that have a joint system that binds them together without welding screws. Obviously, the rods must be cut in order to adapt to the measures we need

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