How To Build A Barbecue

We have talked about pergola, gazebo, porch and garden furniture, we want now to say something about another useful garden tool, the barbecue, which could be even considered almost the free time symbol.


How many times browsing through the stands of a shopping center or a center DIY we have seen a barbecue assemblage kit for which the price is mostly over hundred dollars and even up to a few thousand?

Well, it is not too difficult to build one by yourself, in fact it is not necessary to be great builders or skilled masons to do it, all you need is a bit of fantasy, a little patience and a lot of free time.

But if you do it, what great satisfaction!!!


As usual, as we know very well, also for build a barbecue is necessary to draw a sort of little project, keeping in mind some basic things such as:

  1. the position where we want to build our barbecue
  2. the kind of use of it (if it is for frequent BBQ parties with 30 guests or more, or intermittently for 5 or 6 people) in order to avoid building unnecessary large barbecue.



  • concrete
  • sand
  • brick
  • gravel
  • river stones
  • metal grilles
  • Tools
  • trowel
  • pick
  • shovel
  • level and plumb


Starting from a basic process to build a barbecue, you can then make variations and add items as you wish according to their imagination and according to your preferences.

For the foundation normally is enough making an excavation of 5 feet x 5 feet and 8 to 12 inches deep, depending on the texture of the soil. (it is quite understandable that if we work on a concrete floor or a floor with a balcony or a courtyard, the foundation is not necessary unless you are working on a very large barbecue

We start by building a small formwork using planks of recycled wood that we nail so that it will protrude from the ground level for at least 4 inches.

Then we will make a first concrete pouring with a little dense entering (if we want to save even more) also small stones and gravel, and in which drown a 2 inches mesh of liquid concrete up to reach the framework level.


After a couple of days necessary to dry the foundation we may start with three simple brick parapets blocked alternately with cement mortar to a height and depth of 2 feet and 8 inches.

The two shoulders will be placed parallel to the sides of the foundation, starting from the edge, while the third will be placed at 2/3 of the distance of the first two, in a way that the hollow tiles, of a 2,8 feet x 1,8 feet which will be that of the work plan and the other of 2,8feet x 25 inches which will be the barbecue itself, will represent the base of the barbecue.

Now we have the base with three supporting walls that give rise to two spaces that are carefully shaped and can be used as storage for the wood or for shelter for cooking utensils, etc.

Above the base we have to build the compartment where it should be placed the grate for the charcoal and grill for cooking.

To do so we have to build two more shoulders of refractory bricks that we connect with a wall that will be the rear of our grill.

When we build with bricks the side walls, we may create the grooves (by simply placing the bricks staggered by 1/2-1 inches) in order to lean on them both the grate and the grid (for the latter will be useful to provide different positions so that the height of the grill from the coals will be adjustable as needed).

Among the grate (or perforated plate) and the base of the slab will be put a metal drawer for the purpose to recover the ash (in order to save it is possible to use an old square pan for cakes)

The worksurface of the barbecue can also be tiled by using the normal stoneware tiles or otherwise can be covered with a single slab of marble. This last solution is obviously more expensive, but highly effective. Another very effective and economical solution can be to use used tiles to be broken and pasted with tile mastic to pull at giving a mosaic effect.


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