Halloween Pumpkins, How To Make Halloween Decorations

The Fall season is approaching and with it Halloween holiday is coming and, as every year, the bigots and the conformists people criticize it for its supposed blasphemous nature, nevertheless everybody still maintain a deep curiosity and, ultimately, even a certain form of attraction toward this ancient Celtic festival.

Halloween is an occurrence that finds its roots deeply inside the American culture and that it has changed its nature which once was mostly religious, to adapt it to modern times.
Now Halloween Holidays is primarily an occasion to celebrate together and for the children to have fun.  It must be said that actually also the adults enjoy Halloween and, as a consequence, the business world which is always attentive to earning’s opportunities, organizes parties, dinners and evening dancings all characterized by a recurring macabre, horrifying and scary leit motiv.

On the other hand, the continuing economic crisis, together with the daily concerns push people more and more to find every opportunity to get a little distraction.
Halloween comes, by the way, at the right moment, enough after the summer holidays and a couple of months before the winter holidays season. An ideal time for a bit of horrible and terrifying relax!

Pumpkin Halloween

That said, altough we are now in advance, even if it is pretty early, we want to be ready and therefore for these reasons we are going to see what we have to do and how we can prepare properly the Halloween decorations for our home for the festival of Halloween.
In other posts we talk about how to make Halloween pumpkin and how to get ready and how to dress up for a Halloween party, talking about DIY  Halloween costumes and original Halloween ideas to impress our friernds.
Instead now we want to see a little how to organize ourselves with terrifying ideas to decorate our house for Halloween party, a set of ways to surprise our guests and friends, perhaps with a garden with scary pumpkins, ugly birds, graves, ghosts and so on.

We want to be ready to welcome kids which, like ours do, will go around houses looking for ‘trick or treat’. Therefore we want to have our gardens duly terrifying, adorned with monsters, bats, pumpkins and witches.

Halloween Home Decorations

The classic, but we would also say the most classic decorations is, as we all know, the Halloween pumpkin, which must be strictly hand-carved (please avoid the horrible cheap plastic pumpkins marketed in department stores), duly lighted with burning candle (for this we would consider acceptable the use of the electric light bulb for obvious safety reasons). In addition to this, a beautiful skeletyhon or ghost (how can be beautiful a ghost?), perhaps hanging from a tree in our garden, it certainly will make a good terrifying impression. What also about a nice row of eerie red candles marking the driveway up to the front door?!
Everything is right for us, the balloons fluttering in ghostly form are also effective and highly effective, same as the rubber black bats or a skeleton duly tied with a rope to the roof looking like an hanged add a frightening effect. A ghostly and eerie song among with bats’ screeching, wind’s whistle and a roar of a thunder will complete the horrid panorama. A real Halloween environment!
Moreover, if you are looking for something really terrifying and highly effective for your Halloween party, here’s an idea to make the garden pretty scary.
Get yourself a wooden box, one of those used for fruit. Properly cut it the sides in an half in a way to look like a coffin and then place it in the garden pretending to be a coffin partially buried from which a skeleton emerges
In doing so you should not spoil too much your grandmother’s roses otherwise it might be the last feast that you are allowed to organize in your home.

Halloween Party Ideas

An outline essential, in addition to the soft red lights, should be a background of terrifying music, accompanied by squeals and whistles of bats and, of course, the noise of some squeaky door shaken by the wind.
Maybe we fell a bit on the trivial, but in fact the Halloween party is trivial too, in any case everything must be terrible, frightening, but never dangerous because at the bottom it is, and must always be, only a feast.


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