DIY is the abbreviation for Do It Yourself and is one of the most popular activities for spending free time. In this section you can find various articles and guides that can help you out.


How To Build A Little Lake In Your Backyard, DIY Pond In Your Garden

If you own a house with a garden, you might like to have an artificial small lake that you may enjoy embellishing with aquatic plants, water lilies and colorful fish. It could be wonderful having a small corner of the world only for you, a corner where you can spend your free time observing nature, […]


Bathtub With Easy Acces for Aged People, Accessible Walk-in Tubs

The Progress brings some indisputable advantages and an improvement of the life’s standard quality. Life gets longer and longer and  we have to deal with this factor because every day we are going to face new issues connected to the elongation of the age and, consequently, facing with new needs of our seniors. A longer life, […]


How to Make Gardening Tools Shed, Build House for Gardening Tools

If you have a small garden and if you are gardening lover it can be useful to have a space outside the house where you can store your garden tools. In fact it will be very helpful to always have at hand our garden tools as well as, at the same time, keep them protected […]


Halloween Ideas,Halloween DIY Costumes

Halloween comes soon, the festival of witches, orc, the fear’s feast is a north european tradition, a druid recurrence that now became mostly an occasion to be together in joy and celebrate the beginning of the autumn season. Halloween Ideas It ‘s not so much for the party itself’,  maybe it is just because the […]


How To Use Pallets, Ideas To Build Objects With Pallets

We have often seen outside department stores those sort of wodden crates that are usually trown away. Why not use them to make them live a new life again? We are talking about pallets The Pallet As A Creative Material Among the most frequently used materials by DIY lovers we can certainly count the pallets, […]


How Improve Garden Drainage, Backyard Drainage

With the end of the cold season we start to think of any outdoor project. One of the jobs to be done outdoors, in the yard or in the garden, can be the improvement of the drainage of the garden. Garden Drainage We all love our garden, our own little green world in the backyard, […]


Moisture In The House, Rising Damp

Let’s talk about a topic that interests many and that is often a big problem not simple to solve. Moisture, Humidity and particularly Rising Damp. You must first make distinctions about what is meant by moisture, in fact here we are not talking about an aspect related to the seasonal climate and even a problem […]


How To Paint Walls, Painting Interior House

Proceeding with the work of painting your house‘s walls is a job pretty easy, even for those who are not experts in DIY activities. You just have to follow a few simple rules, have a bit of patience and time and you will make it like a piece of cake. In addition to the above, […]



If you have a piece of land or a little garden, no matter how small it may be, it would be nice to realize a corner in which you can build a small greenhouse where you may have the possibility to preserve and grow your preferred plants during the cold season. Moreover, given the prices […]

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