How To Paint Your House, Pantone House Colors

Painting our house is something that we do periodically and every time we are facing the same problem: what color is the most appropriate for our house?

PCMS (Pantone Matching System Colours)

Guess what will be the most fashionable colors for furniture and for home is a very difficult exercise. Difficult, but not impossible.

There are many people (more than we may think) who take their own choices mostly based on what the trends of the moment say, according to the mood and the market sentiment or based on some guru’s feeling that establish what is good and what is’nt, as far the color it concerns.

But who really dictates the trends, who determines the color or colors that will be trendy next year ? Obviously in this field, like in the fashion world, fortunately everyone can freely express his own opinion  and, at the same way, you can take it into account or not.

Of course if the suggestion of what are the best combinations or what will be the preference  in terms of colors for next year comes from a professional, probably that is correct and this means that in effect what he says is really the attitude of the market.  After that is up to us to decide to be trendy or, instead, be  original or even countercurrent.

Just by having in mind these concepts we must say that there is a point of reference, universally recognized as a valid and reliable professional which will inspire all those who, for one reason or another, need to know what the standards of the market are with regard to the world of colors.

We are talking of Pantone, mostly known as PCMS (Pantone ColoursPantone Matching System), the international standard for the determination of the colors themselves that, as we all know, in their variants are derived from the mixture of the four primary colors (magenta, cyan, yellow and black) or six colors (the previous with the addition of orange and emerald green ), giving rise to 1144 colors coded in a reference catalog .

If we are planning to remodel our house or renew the color of the walls of our kitchen or the color of the master bedroom or also we want prepare the room for a newcoming baby, so we may want to know which is the better color to use,  the most popular and appropriate color paint or combination of colors for our Diy work.

So, what is the trends for 2014 are, according to Pantone ?

As every year the world ‘s authoritative body color, Pantone Inc., an American Company established in the mid-nineties and now belonging to the X-Rite Group, a global leader in color calibration technology, outlines what will be the tones of colours that will characterize the coming year.

Pantone indicates not only the colors, but especially precise combinations in a variety of color palettes that offer the chance to choose between different nuances for their creations to art lovers and interior design experts.


The trendy colors for 2014, the color palette to which it should revert anyone who is planning of tinting his own apartment or intends to remake or renew the furniture to make it more modern and contemporary, are substantially nine:

  • Techno – Color palette includes colors that related in some way to the technological world, frequently used on reflective surfaces. These include silver, emerald green, methil blue, tillandsia purple, majolica blue, dark citron, jet black and orange exuberance
  • Physicality – energetic colors counterbalanced by the alternance of calm colours leading to a quiet sentiment. Therefore a forged iron, satellite gray, antique moss, olive green alternates with colors like herbal lavender, purple grape, rose brown and a foggy gray
  • Sculpted Simplicity – neutral tones with colors ranging from white to gray, but also purple and silver gray or anodized brown elegantly harmonized
  • Fluidity – this color palette is a melting of water tones and also bright and vibrant colors for a house full of life and emotions. Colors like fusion coral, dewberry purple, dazzling blue, absinthe green, until a warmth samoan sun
  • Collage – similar to the previous one, but with colors a bit less bright, denoting in each case a sound of familiarity, warm and nostalgic palette with colors like reddish, tea rose pink, margarita green, aquamarine, pumpkin spice, provincial blue
  • Intimacypastel colors, delicate and, as the name implies, close, lovable and soft with a white gardenia, rose and lotus blossom pink, opal and colored pale lavenders gray
  • Moda– looking for attention, a palette of voluptuous tones displaying fashionable flourishes not without glimmering and glamor. So we found red dahlia, cranberry purple, amber green , blue corsica and magenta haze opaque colors typical of high fashion
  • Tribal Threads : a palette that looks to the tastes and sensations with tribal characteristics typical of a community to which we belong always. Color combination simple and complex at the same time, goblin blue with rose dusted cedar shade, bleached sand, gray incense and arabesque orange to end to kangaroo brown
  • Eccentricities – color palette irreverent , playful, giving also a sens of adventure and also evocative of contrasts. So we have warm colors such as nectarine orange, rouge red or neon green flash or blue skydiver and strawberry ice or bold blue, brown caramelized or even red hot.

 The world of the colors is a wonderful world and there is room for every initiative to improve the perception of the beauty of the things around us, making it a better place to live in. It is proved that an  environment with well-coordinated colors helps to give a sense of well-being in people who live there and this results in an improvement of the relations among people.

-photo by courtesy of Pantone Inc-



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