Choosing Kitchen Colors, Kitchen Paint Colors

We will never stop to repete that the kitchen is an important room of the house and it is the place where you meet your children in the morning when you wake up, it is the place where you dine and where after dinner, before going to bed,  go for the last sip of water or tisane and say good night to our children. Statistically, the kitchen is also the room where discussions and quarrels take place the most (perhaps after the bedroom), where people meet to chat pleasantly maybe looking for a bit of privacy.

In short, as we said, it is an important room! .. and like the other rooms, can be dressed with colours, shades and tonalities giving to it its own personality.

Whitewash the kitchen does not mean just take a brush and start working with it, instead we should understand what we want from it …and from ourself, to feel confortable in our home.

If we are tired of our old kitchen because of its neutral  and sad color, if we want to give a breath of novelty, trendy and fun, it may be enough changing the colors of the walls or the cabinets’ doors, by using a bit of fantasy and you will get a good result.


It is nice that to think that in our times to be fashionable you do not have necessarily to follow straight directions, there is not a diktat that laying down strict rules to be followed, in fact as of today you may be fashion and trendy even just doing what you like because everyone can have his own concept of what is fashion and wath is not. Is only a question of taste (possibly good taste!).

However, today everybody is constantly looking for something and when they reach it, that target is not anymore important to them and they must address their attention to something else. The result of this life’s philosophy is that many are dissatisfaid.

As we said, we all are continuously looking for something different and also the kitchen interior and the home’s furnitures follow these rules.

Therefore we should talk about sentiment and emotions instead of trend.

If we do not go crazy for kitchens with all the walls of the same color, maybe beige or pale pink, we may try to change choosing kitchen color, for example, givig a first coat painting with a sober, normal, light color like ocher or light green, then combine some cheerful color that will bring a much more personal touch to your kitchen.

Always talking about kitchen paint colors, excellent results can be also obtained with a beautiful yellow gold or an orange tint, maybe put across or beside to the light green above mentioned or, also, some nice neon colors that will help you in the morning to wake you up while you are sipping your hot coffee.

We may also try to coordinate the colors of the cabinets’ doors with the color of the walls of your kitchen, looking for the best combinations or even with shades in contrast. On the other hand, it must be said that traditional furnishings can easily be livened up thanks to walls pain ted with bright and lit colors.

colors kitchen


Today all of us we pay attention to what concerns the health in all its forms and no exception is made to the effect that colors have on our mood. In fact recently becomes more and more important choosing colors for the house where you live and this is not only for aesthetic reasons.

It seems that the blue in its various shades and tones can have a relaxing effect but, when it is paired with light colors, such as yellow or white, it reminds the colors of the marine seashore and gives a lively and cheerful feeling.

The light pink is another color that alone c ould be considered ‘old fashion’, but that definetely has a different effect when combined, for instance, with a pearl gray.

But the effects of the colors combinations, as you can imagine, are almost unlimited, from orange with electric blue, green with purple, not forgetting the classic black and white, fuchsia and black or silver grey and burgundy.

At every possible combination must also be added the matt polished version that does nothing but add more unsuspected color effects, without mention of any wood trim, maybe on a laminate kitchen furniture.

If we lack imagination, a considerable help we can get from the Ikea experience, in fact thanks to its software service you may project your own kitchen and this gives you the possibility to preview the effects that the combination of colors may have on your kitchen and you can create custom and original compositions.


The colors and especially their combination, due to an optical effect, have the chance to reduce or expand spaces. The knoledge of this peculiarity could be very usefull when choosing kitchen colors.

Therefore, opposite walls light colors painted with a darker back wall, will give you the impression of having a kitchen very deep.

If we have instead a kitchen with a low ceiling, it is better to avoid dark color for the ceiling, in fact, instead, a light paint will give you the impression of a higher ceiling. For a small kitchen, to give the illusion of width it would be better using light colors on the walls. And so on.

As in many occasions, also in this field we can have a good help from the large retailers such as Ashley Furniture Home Stores, Walmart, Ikea, just to name some.

In fact the Furniture Stores in their showrooms reproduce home corners where they set up their products to promote the sale. Very often these spaces are wisely set up and can be a good source of ideas for you, so take a ride there, it might be instructive and ‘enlightening’.

About the fluorescent or gaudy colors that we appreciate so much, we must say that they are often the ones of which we get tired sooner, so our suggestions is to never exceed. Eventough as we changed once, we can do everytime we want, renewing from time to time with a little cost and a lot of satisfaction our kitchen, that corner of the house that is so important for us.


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