Building A Woodstore: Building A Woodshed


The wood for the firewood is a small capital that you must keep carefully in a very dry and ventilated place in order to store it safely and to obtain the best seasoning of wood.

For an adequate wood’s seasoning it would be more appropriate stacking the wood in a way that it does not have direct contact with the ground, indeed it would be even better if it is placed over concrete blocks or on little log well debarked placed sideways so as to make the air circulation easier.

The best way of stacking the wood is by crossing layers, providing a cover to prevent the rain, water impregnating the wood, triggers the phenomenon of putrefaction.


In the past, because of the extensive use of firewood in the absence of other fuel, our ancestors were accustomed to preserve the wood on the place where it was cut,  just leaving  it only covered with a sheet or a towels to keep it dry and repair the piles from the rain.

Obviously a better solution for the proper conservation and adequate curing of the wood is by far, to store the wood under a real roof, this is the reason because we want a real woodstore.



Of course there are various kinds of shelters and the choice depends on

  • what we need,
  • the space available

and not last

  • how much we are planning to spend for this purpose.

The woodshed can be built by using a wall of your house to which you may build and lien two perpendicular walls.

Then you cover the three-walls-construction with a simple roof and you have the job done. Easy to think it and easy to do it.

One more thing: it is better not put the logs directly in contact with your home’s wall, because you do not want ants, bugs and possible umidity contact your home. Moreover it is always better make the air circulation free.

If you have enough availability of space, you can build a self-standing structure with one or two sides opened. The evident advantage of that solution with two open sides is that, with this way it is possible access to the shelves of the wood logs from both sides in addition, obviously, to promote the exchange of air.

Whatever the type of woodshed you want to achieve, if possible, it is always preferable to build it over a strong concrete slab foundation. The thickness of the concrete base, the consistency, armor depend on the size of the shed which we intend to build, besides other important factors such as the consistency of the ground.

Once the foundation is done, you can follow the same procedure as for the construction of a roof or a pergola.

One last tip: if you can, it would be a good idea to build a woodstore big enough to allow to stow the amount of wood you need for two seasons, so that you will use for you firewood always the wood stored 2 years before, well seasoned and dry, with obvious advantages on yield.



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