Build Understairs Storage, How To Make An Under Stairs Closet

There are various methods to take advantage of the space under the stairs in a rational way . Often in the understairs space we are used to leave, temporarily various things, from the bucket mop for washing floors on a chair that becomes a table top for anything that you do not know where to put , but also for paint cans, children’s toys, vacuum cleaner and more you have more you put there.

Result: the word ‘ temporarily ‘ often becomes ‘ permanent ‘ and the space under the stairs becomes , in effect, a space difficult to keep clean and no nice to see.


We are all aware that today’s homes are getting smaller and smaller and that there is often no space to store tools, toys or things that you do not use every day, and therefore, why not make space under the stairs more functional and usable by building an understairs storage?

To achieve this we can build a cabinet under the stairs, making a shelf or a drawer to fit the space under stairs. We will have the advantage of using rationally that space and at the same time to make that area aesthetically pleasing.



Let’s say that, basically, there are two solutions that also depend on the shape of the space under the stairs.

  • Understairs closet with side access.

Basically you create a walk in wardrobe by applying a wooden wall or plasterboard that closes the triangle under the stairs providing access from the top of the scale below (you can tell from the vertical side of the triangle) with front access , i.e. with a set of drawers or shelves placed in front , xxx that you can open or that are sliding on tracks or wheels.

In the first case, the job is just to install the wall and the gateway to the walking closet .

Inside the cabinet , then we can prepare, depending on the size of the compartment obtained , shelves or a bar for hanging coat rack .

In the second case , once you’ve decided what you prefer, library – type shelving , drawers under the stairs or removable modules ( such as those USED for kitchens) , you will have to proceed step by step.

  • Understairs Closet in shelving or drawers.

Do not dwell too much on building a shelf as it is all too obvious how you should proceed , we limit ourselves only to say that we will have to cut the boards (thickness 1.5-2.0 inches and a maximum depth equal to the size of the steps ) to be placed vertically and horizontally to create spaces of cubic or parallelepiped that will be used to store books or ornaments, but also music records , CDs, DVDs etc. .

The way to fix each element of shelving as ‘ hive ‘ is left to the imagination , so that, as an alternative to the classic office shelving, it will be possible to create asymmetric spaces giving a special and personalized effect.

You have to start by building a frame with wooden slats smooth 1.3 / 4 -2.0 inches x 2 inches and then realize 1/4-3.0 individual drawers.

In any DIY Center you can find spare parts as well as several unit components and various solutions that can adapted to your needs.


Construction of an understairs drawer or cupboard with pull-outs from is an interesting and valid alternative to understairs drawer and it is represented by extractable elements, similar to those used for kitchens.

These are components that run on wheels or tracks and allow easier access to the contents of the drawers (which is not always so easy, especially when the width of the staircase is remarkable).

As a first thing, as mentioned above, we must begin by constructing three or more frames that go to divide the space into parts of equal width and which serve a bit ‘as a guide for the sliding of the columns.

Also for the construction of these frames can use wooden planks finished smooth section of 1.3 / 4 inches x 2 -2.0 1/4-3.0 inches.

The frames must be made of depth slightly less than that of the steps of the ladder to leave those 1 or 2 inches necessary to make an abutment to the front doors so that then these remain flush with the edge of the stairs.

On the wooden slats of the lower sashes will mount the wheels or you can think a method of sliding on rails laid on the floor.

In both cases, both for the drawers as well for the sliding elements, you can go to stores that sell DIY stuff  to buy front doors for the cabinets, the type used for modular kitchens, that are perfect for we need.

It will only be necessary to cut obliquely the upper part of the doors in order to give the appropriate shape to fit to the inclination of the stairs.


There is a wide range of choice for these front panels, in terms of material and also for the type and quality of the finish. In fact it goes from the enamel, resin, chipboard, wood in different colors or, if you prefer, you can choose rough wooden doors and then give a coat of the color you think more appropriate.

Also in the mentioned Do-it-yourself Centers you may find several handles of various shapes and sizes suitable to be installed on your understairs drawer or cabinet, making it a very personalized and exclusive part of your house.

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