Tiling Floor Shower, Install Mosaic On Floor Shower

Tiling floor shower or install mosaic on floor of your shower are work that denote a special sensitivity and a taste for the beauty that is not heritage of many people. And that is what we are looking for: something special, same as we are.

Everything you do to make more beautiful and efficient your house, like replacing window or doors, lowering the ceiling with plasterboards, Stucco Veneziano walls or special floors, are all works that make your home more special and unique and increase also its specific market value.

Therefore, if you are tired of taking a shower in an oldfashion bathtube or in your meaningless shower (anonymous as that of thousand of  others), maybe the time has come to design and create your own personal and unique mosaic tiled floor shower adding style and fashion to your bathroom and creating a smooth surface, warm and pleasant to the touch and most of all, unique ..and yours!

Install a mosaic tiled floor in your existing shower room it is not certainly a very easy job, but you can do it by yourself and with it you will add personality to your house and you will be proud to have done it.

mosaic shower floor


The bath, or Salle de Bain as French people say, is the room of the house that perhaps tells you more than others about the apartment standing and even about the temperament and sensitivity of the people living in that house.

The refinement not always necessarily it means of expensive, more often it is enough customize small details to make the house beautiful and unique.

Just to have an idea of what we are talking about, here there are few solutions that can be taken, easy and effective.

mosaic floor


  • sanitary suspended
  • unusual basins
  • bathroom accessories of quality
  • ceiling with spotlights
  • half-mirrored walls
  • arcs
  • particular types of plaster or coating

…..and also an original shower like a


A good solution to give a personal touch to your bathroom can be to transform the shower tray into a base finished mosaic or also a base finished with tiles, where you may, for example, extend the color and the design of the tiles of the shower walls or even use the same color and shape of all the rest of the bathroom.

To make this, there is one important thing to keep well in mind in order to avoid future problems:


A good rule of thumb should be to have the work of reconstruction of the shower executed by an expert tiler installer, better if he is expert in mosaics, but the most important is that he is able to properly seal the base of the dish, the platform where it should fix the mosaic (or the tiles).

shower floor

In fact, one of the most important aspect of the entire work of laying a floor shower mosaic, in addition to the aesthetic side, is definitely the one that concerns the prevention of future potential, dangerous leaks.

Let’s say that, according to the most recent dictates of the current fashion and architectural criteria, the floor shower should be (if possible) at the level of the bathroom floor. This gives the most pleasant effect.

So, once you have determined the shape of the base of the shower (which is not always easy because the maximum result arises with the atypical shapes, depending of course on the type and size of the corner where the shower is located), you must set up the trap and the exhaust pipes of the water. Then it is time to make the first pouring of mortar around the siphon system, taking care that it should be easily accessible for later inspection and cleaning. The surface must be well prepared and ready for the next step.

Now you will have to waterproof the bottom of the shower tray with a sheath or a sheet of linen rubber, polypropylen or specific products commercially available as the sheaths bicomponent spreadable, type Weber Dry Flex or bituminous sheaths, all readily available in the centers DIY like The Home Depot, Sears, Lowe’s.

After that you can complete the job with the tiling or with the laying of a mosaic or even with an alternative and economic solution, using the same tiles used for the walls of the bath specially fractured into pieces and then used as mosaic .

In this case, when the work is finished, we must apply a thin coat of waterproofing paint transparent finish to further ensure the watertight integrity.

Another solution very fancy and not too hard to be made is a floor shower of tick glass through which you may see, for example, white rocks when taking your shower. But, of course, there is no limit to the fantasy.


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