Cinder Blocks Concrete Blocks, How to Use Cinder Blocks

We like when it comes to gardening and here there are few ideas to make even more exciting our hobby. Recently is becoming more popular and fashionable the habit of using common materials, like concrete blocks, cinder blocks, bricks, logs of wood, iron rods and so far to assemble furniture products and handcraft of any […]


Halloween Pumpkins, How To Make Halloween Decorations

The Fall season is approaching and with it Halloween holiday is coming and, as every year, the bigots and the conformists people criticize it for its supposed blasphemous nature, nevertheless everybody still maintain a deep curiosity and, ultimately, even a certain form of attraction toward this ancient Celtic festival. Halloween is an occurrence that finds […]


How To Use Pallets, Ideas To Build Objects With Pallets

We have often seen outside department stores those sort of wodden crates that are usually trown away. Why not use them to make them live a new life again? We are talking about pallets The Pallet As A Creative Material Among the most frequently used materials by DIY lovers we can certainly count the pallets, […]


How to Make Raised Bed Garden, Build DIY Raised Bed Gardens

If you are not too familiar with the green art of growing plants but, notwithstanding that, you are an outdoor activity lover, you may consider interesting this post to learn how to start your green experience by growing plants in raised beds, which make it a little bit easier. Have you tried many times to […]


How Improve Garden Drainage, Backyard Drainage

With the end of the cold season we start to think of any outdoor project. One of the jobs to be done outdoors, in the yard or in the garden, can be the improvement of the drainage of the garden. Garden Drainage We all love our garden, our own little green world in the backyard, […]


How To Build Rock Garden Trail, Make Your Own Walkway

Make a sidewalks around the house, build a walkway or set up a garden path, if well done is a work that is forever and year after year will be intact and  contributes to enhance the property’ value, giving a touch of personalization that makes it unique and special and lovable to you. Traditional materials […]


How To Paint Walls, Painting Interior House

Proceeding with the work of painting your house‘s walls is a job pretty easy, even for those who are not experts in DIY activities. You just have to follow a few simple rules, have a bit of patience and time and you will make it like a piece of cake. In addition to the above, […]


Sliding Doors For Wardrobe, How To Install Sliding Doors

We have already discussed in another post the problem of replacing an internal door of our house with something nicer and smarter than a commun door: the sliding door which is a usefull and smart system to close a room or a closet. Today instead we want talk about a locking system for a wardrobe, […]


How To Change Your kitchen, Ikea Metod Kitchen System

The kitchen is without any doubt one of the rooms of your home more customizable and Ikea, the giant of the distribution made in Sweden allows us to do so likeable, innovative and …more of all not expensive. In addition to the functionality of the kitchen, which is, of course, the first requirement among the […]


Build Understairs Storage, How To Make An Under Stairs Closet

There are various methods to take advantage of the space under the stairs in a rational way . Often in the understairs space we are used to leave, temporarily various things, from the bucket mop for washing floors on a chair that becomes a table top for anything that you do not know where to […]

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