How To Replace Mosquito Netting

With the arrival of the warm weather, after a cold Winter, unfortunately also the mosquitoes are coming. It is now that it could be the case that we realize that the usual defense against those pesky insects, the mosquito net has been damaged.

mosquitos net

Besides being aesthetically ugly, a damaged mosquito net does not fulfill his main task, which is to keep mosquitoes out!

What to do? As always, the choice is easy: unless we decide to change the entire mosquito net or, if the damage is limited, we can try to put them back on track.

Usually the part liable to be damaged is the net. If the damage is limited to this, it will be enough to replace the damaged net with a new one.

In any Diy center you can find mosquito net rolls of various types:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Black
  • metal wire net

all of the above net are sold by roll and you can buy what you need.


  • Screwdriver and plier
  • Scissors
  • Stapler machine
  • Cutter
  • Brush
  • Paint
  • Net


First of all we must see what kind of mosquito netting we have to repair.

In fact, there are different type of mosquito net. They can be

  1. the type of wood ‘old way’
  2. anodized aluminum ones as sold today

In addition the nets can also be:

  • Retractable
  • Sliding window
  • with opening door
  • fixed

It is thus evident that the approach for replacing the net of a mosquito netting depends on the type of it.

window mosquito netting

The sole element common to both it is represented by the need to replace the net.

  1. If the mosquito net is the fashionable type on wood mentioned above, it will be necessary lift with a screwdriver or a chisel the wood strips that keep the net taut. To do so it will be easier to pull with the tool so to raise a little (say one-tenth of an inch) each strip, being careful not to break it. As soon as you have raised the wood strip, remove the nails with a plier. Once removed the strips around the perimeter, it is possible replacing the net with a new one that you have already cut to the right size, leaving about 1 inch overlaps. Later this overlap will cut away with a cutter. To tighten well the net, you may use a staple. Shut a staple every 10 inches in a way that the wood strip will cover the staples.Before set up the net, if the case will be, it may be advisable to go through a coat of paint to renew the look of our window mosquito netting.
  2. If we have to work on a modern window mosquito screen, like the aluminum ones, we know that in general the net is kept in place by a kind of cylindrical rubber cord that is pressed into a groove on the frame and holds tight the net. To replace the net you must literally pull the cord, then remove the damaged net and, once replaced, put again the rubber cord pressed into the groove on the frame.

There are also other systems to protect against mosquitoes, but probably the mosquito net is still the most effective.


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