How To Replace A Broken Tile, Change A Ceramic Tile

Ceramic floors are a detail that gives a touch of customization to our house. Beautiful tiles are offered on the market in a wide variety and we can choose according to the style that we prefer.

Unfortunately, even the most resistant ceramic tiles are subject to chipping and then we are facing with the problem of how to replace a broken tile.

Really, change a broken tile is an easy diy job, nevertheless it requires patience and calm in order to be done correctly and to get a good result.

First of all, as for the laying of tiles xxxxx, it is necessary to be equipped with some tool to remove the broken tile to replace it with a new tile.

replacing a broken tile


  • a hammer,
  • a chisel or an old screwdriver
  • a serrated spatula
  • a brush
  • adhesive for tiles
  • cement for leaks
change a ceramic tile


First of all, if is not possible to take away the whole broken tile (which is almost always unlikely), you must try to break into small pieces the tile with the help of a small hammer and a chisel, trying not to break also the others intact tiles around. Indeed, sometimes the tiles can be cemented together so strong that it has to break a large number of them or even a whole row of tiles. (Be sure to wear safety glasses).

Then remove the pieces of broken ceramic tile and thoroughly clean the bottom from the glue or cement residue from the previous tile.

Wet the bottom by sprinkling it with a little water and then pour the glue for tiles that we have already prepared in a bowl by adding just a bit of water to the powder ready-to-use (available at any Diy center) mixing to make the mixture soft and spreadable texture with no liquid.

To spread properly the glue you must use a plastering steel trowel to avoid excess of glue. Remove the excess glue from the bottom, then lay the new tile and exerting some pressure tapping with rubber mallet to squeeze out the excess glue from the sides, remove with a rag and wipe the tile before it dried.

Remove the excess glue from the joints and then spill to dry for at least 8-12 hours. Later, if necessary (depending on the type of tile and umidity) might be the case of drawing a line of glue or plaster or cement for leaks and then wipe off the joints with a smoothing brush.

Finally clean the tile just replaced before the glue is completely dried.



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