How To Make An Original Christmas Tree Decoration, Christmas Orange Slices


Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is struggling with the preparations for the most important and beautiful holiday of the year.

As the time is running fast it is definitely our deep desire to make our home full of a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere with characteristic made ​​of scents, colors and flavors that we carry in our heart since childhood. On the other hand, as usual, we should always deal with the portfolio and therefore with the the need to save money, without renounce to things we like .


Here are some simple tips that might come in handy to decorate our Christmas tree in an original way, without spending a fortune .

Take some oranges and lemons, possibly beautiful, firm and without blemishes.

On a kitchen cutting board, using a sharp knife, slice them to get several thin medallions, avoiding to make them too fragile.

Then we will put all the slices so obtained, well arched and spread out on a plate, on a cutting board or a wooden board that will be placed over a stove, a heater or any other heating surface, even the floor of the fireplace it would be fine as long as the heat does not burn.

Let the slices on this heating surface for a sufficient time to disidratarle very well the slices.

At this point we already get a first result by filling the house with a pleasant aroma of citrus fruits that begin to create the Christmas atmosphere of which we talked about earlier.

Once the slices are well dried, we make a small hole on each of them with a little nail, a needle or the scissor’s tip, through which we pass a golden thread or a ribbon to hang the slices on our Christmas tree getting an astonishing effect, with very little expenses and with a job that surely will leave excited your friends so that they appreciate a beautiful ecological and fragrant Christmas Tree.

It also must be said that the orange slices that you do not have used for the Christmas tree decoration are not useless. In fact you may use said slices to prepare a lot of lovely home decorations like a beautiful Christmas Wreath or centerpiece for the Christmas Eve’s Table.





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