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Fireplaces are something that always capture the imagination of each of us, they are nice, they change the look of the house and there is not doubt that create a sweet and relaxed  atmosphere. But how to build a fireplace it is a good job that you can afford only with caution and due diligence.


Build a stone fireplace can really give character adding value to the entire house. Obviously the design of the fireplace must be in harmony with the style and decor of the rest of the house.

If you are working on planning construction or remodeling of your house, you might be pleased to figure out and see, through a simulation, perhaps using a cardboard fireplace model, how your room will look with a built in fireplace. You can play with it, making changes of location, style, shape, size and color of your fireplace, and all of this without doing any work and without spend a cent.

When you are watching at a stone fireplace it is almost impossible not to feel a strong and intense emotion, whic is probably partly due to ancestral invocations that come to us from the past, handed down over centuries an centuries.

The same heating we are watching is substantially the same heating system that was used in the first human gatherings age prehistoric. At those times, but also until a few decades ago, in the castles and houses, especially in rural areas and towns, the fireplace was the center of the house and it was built in the most important room of the house, the meeting room, the room were the family could interact and socialize with its community exchanging opinions and experiences.

So today, the original heating function of the fireplace become less important with respect to the decorative value and, let’s face it, the sentimental aspect.

In short we can say that it is out of the question that a fireplace creates a romantic atmosphere. This is the reason why today the orientation is more addressed to the search of the artistic or even just aesthetic aspect, even at the cost of neglecting the more rational effectiveness and efficiency of the heating caloric leaving the task to really heat up to other heating systems.

Years ago I happened to see in a Nice Resort in California a very nice fireplace, but at a better watch I realized that it was completely artificial, it means with fake wood logs made in plastic, with a pipe connection to the gas system which provided the necessary fuel for the little flame that, of course, was having a decorative function only. And the best of all was that it was only necessary to switch on to get the firplace to light on. Greit efficiency and poor sentiment!

By contrast, in the country homes, mostly in Europe, it is not infrequent to find beautiful typical fireplaces built in the center of the room of these ancient and characteristic homes, surrounded by wooden or stone benches where once the family members were used to sit to warm up during the cold winters.


It is interesting to understand how the fireplace construction techniques depends on many variables often, especially for those not luxury, from the materials available on site.

Therefore you may find fireplaces built in granite or stone with inlaid wood , with small rounded boulders or coarse portions of volcanic rock. It was only a matter of style, taste and preferences.

It should first be said that if you are going to build a barbecue or an outdoor fireplace this is a demanding job but it is that it is doable even by those who are not an experienced builder, a diy, the construction of an indoor fireplace requires a knowledge of building techniques and it is not definitely recommend to lovers of amateur or DIY, instead it is better to revert to professionals. This is in order to avoid danger and damage to your home as well to injury to people.

When you start to design a fireplace, especially if it is a stone fireplace, you should keep in mind that, for example, with a low ceiling it is not good using large stones that would make the result as stuffy and cramped room.

In addiction it is a good advice is to use durable and resistant stones, without cracks or veins. Limestone, granite and metamorphic rocks are suitable and durable, while the soft rocks should be avoided like the slate and those that crumble easily as dolomite.

To build ad indoor fireplace, it is very important to use appropriate materials and particularly the refractory bricks to be fixed with specific refractory mortar. This is to be recommended especially for the furnace inside the fireplace, to avoid breakages because this is the part where the temperatures rich highest levels. Care being taken to increase the density of the dough in relation to its proximity to the fire. A helpful tip would be to make sure that the joints between bricks is thin in order to avoid the crumbling also because doing so the strenght is increased by the progressive vitrification of the joints at each switch.

Another useful suggestion may also be to go to an hardware store or in a DIY shop for building and carefully observe the patterns and characteristics of fireplaces exposed to get some ideas.

Alternatively you can buy the structure of the fireplace in prefabricated, it is easy to find several types of construction kit, and once assembled, provide to give the coating that is something that will give you plein satisfaction due to the wide offer of possibilities granted by the market.

Frankly is up to you, is just a matter of imagination and you are having a really rewarding job and to great effect.


In this regard it should be noted that an important part of the work of installing a fireplace is definetely represented by the chimney. This element is of primary importance and we would say that this is certainly a job reserved for professionals, therefore it is inadvisable to attempt any different, unless you are very very expert.

Even the use of a pre-existing chimney can be dangerous if it is not a chimney suitable for this use, if it is not completely clean and free and if it was not built in a workmanlike. In fact, in the case of non perfect execution we can have a fire hazard .



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