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Halloween comes soon, the festival of witches, orc, the fear’s feast is a north european tradition, a druid recurrence that now became mostly an occasion to be together in joy and celebrate the beginning of the autumn season.

Halloween Ideas

It ‘s not so much for the party itself’,  maybe it is just because the everyday grey life is a little bit boring, or maybe it’s for the everyday’s problems but this is an occasion to forget the boss or the collegues or the teacher and enjoy the horride nothing, the terrifying night of Halloween.
You can do so many things for Halloween, like preparing a party at home, like prepare the pumpkins carved and engraved to put in front of the house or on the windowsill with a candle or a light inside.
But in case you do not have enough space (nor the desire) to organise an Halloween party in your home, you can go out with friends to a Halloween party in someone else’s home or find a place to spend Halloween in houses haunted by ghosts or spooky and scary shows.
If you decide to go to the disco, you can indulge in makeup and dress up as a witch, vampire, devil, etc., but if you go to a party at a friend’s house, you have to study something really funny and unusual to amaze and entertain all your friends.

To have an idea of what you can do in order to be at the center of the scene, you can create something nice, not too laborious but highly effective: we are talking about a greit Charon’s boat!
Everybody knows who is Caron, he’s the devil that carries damned souls to the Hell! (Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri)
And therefore we can build a boat of cardboard, a seven feet long and 2 feet wide boat. It must be divided into two or (better) three segments, one for each friend (otherwise it is difficult to bring it by car).
To say this easy, it is like if we build a cardboard boat and then we cut it into three pieces. Each piece has a hole in the middle where can stand one of us, properly dressed and made up as walking dead.
Once we arrive at the friend’s house we will walk in single file to reforming the whole boat and proceed surrounded by their companions duly dressed as witches and devils in a sort of macabre and fun parade to make our triumphal entry into the house of friends with laughs and general entertainment.

How To Build a Caronte Boat

We start by preparing the shape of the boat with strong iron wire and we must make the shape of the boat in three pieces, as already said.
In practice, with the iron wire we must build the boat’s structure, then we take a tape off (to understand it is what is used to close the packages during the removals) and we fill the space between the contour lines of wire to create the walls and the bridge of the boat upon which you can roll out the paper mache.
The papier-mâché is substantially newspaper wet in water and glued with PVA glue (or in any case any glue based on vinyl acetate) which is left to soak for about half an hour and then lies on the plane formed by the adhesive tape.
This is the first layer, then allows to dry and after overlaps a second layer up to give some consistency.

We must of course remember that the boat is to be transported and therefore it is better do not make it too many layers to prevent it to be too heavy to wear and carry.
At the end we will end up with two kind of prisms, one for the front and the other for the stern of the boat and a sort of cube for the middle part.
Doing in that way the three pieces are hollow and not heavy and, if desired, to give greater consistency, they can be also filled with polystyrene balls. After that the boat must be painted and decorated as you like, but dark and horride.

When we will be at the Halloween party‘s place, we may put together the three parts of the boat with a tape. In the central segment we can put a pole polistyrene to better imitate a boat giving a touch of verisimilitude to the Caron’s Boat narrated by Dante.


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