Bathtub With Easy Acces For Aged People, Accessible Walk-in Tubs

The Progress brings some indisputable advantages and an improvement of the life’s standard quality.

Life gets longer and longer and  we have to deal with this factor because every day we are going to face new issues connected to the elongation of the age and, consequently, facing with new needs of our seniors.

A longer life, obviously, as we already said,  is to be considered in itself as a positive aspect of the human progress, provided that it must be duly accompanied by an adequate lifestyle as well as the adoption of instruments and precautions that allow the maintenance of an acceptable level of life quality.

What we said above is quite obvious, but now we are going to analyze in depth the daily reality.
We can say, for example, that in the bathroom often the elderly are facing with those small problems that can demean the soul of an old person unable, sometimes, to overcome small obstacles having a sense of frustration.
In fact one of the elements that create more embarrassment in our elderly, and gives to them the feeling of having to be always dependent on someone, do not have anymore their usual independence as well as the understandable regrets regarding their beloved ones for any inconvenience caused, that is the bathtub. Which it is not a bad word, just a tool! So why do not make this tool something usefull, nice and… easy to use also for them?

Personal hygiene, of course, it’s important at any age, nevertheless, in advanced age, it becomes critical in order to maintain a good health which in turn is a valid card to deal with the diseases related to the third age.
In this context, talking about bathroom equipment, the transformation of a ‘normal’ bathtub in a bathtub with a door for the elderly becomes not only an accessory but a very useful tool which allows the elderly to be able to comfortably wash themselves taking care so independently of its personal hygiene. A simple thing that makes a big difference.
In addition to the convenience of the mentioned factors, it must be added the safety aspect that nowadays is an ever-present topic in every moment of our lives.
It is a well-known fact that one of the most frequent incidents for people of a certain age it is the femur’s fracture, which normally does not have serious consequences in a young man, but that assumes severe gravity and often constitutes a downturn in quality of life for an aged person.
All efforts aimed at preventing falls and accidents must, therefore, be seen as an intelligent behavior.
Concerning the personal hygiene, in the bathroom with regard to the cleaning accessories, the choice usually implies two basic accessories,
1 the box Shower
2 the bath tub
As for the shower, we have already got to treat the subject in another article, so here our attention is focused on the bathtub.


Although from the hygienic point of view the shower is definitely preferable, the bathtub has historically given a place in our bathroom that makes up the memory to the ancient Romans and ultimately has a special charm.
Also, we would add that the relaxing effect you may experience taking a warm bath in the tub it is not certainly comparable to a healthy but fast and simple shower.
For a person with mobility limitations, like an elder or invalid person can be, the disadvantage of using the bathtub is represented by the obstacle constituted by the edge of tub that is to be climbed over.

Just that it is the problem that has tried to solve with the creation of these new types of tanks that have a small door on the side of the tank, watertight, which allows the elderly person to fit comfortably in the tub, close it and then open the taps for filling and, finally, taking their desired bath.
This kind of tanks usually is also equipped with a seat that allows the person to take care of themselves in full comfort, in complete autonomy and privacy.
On the market there are several types of tank specific for elderly or disabled (in fact, in some ways, there are more than few similarities for the two categories) that are adaptable to every need and every type of environment and, not least, for every pocket!
There is also the possibility to amend the existing tub by built a small door on the side of the tub. This solution is not always the most advantageous as it depends on the available type of bath and also the necessary masonry works. Also when work began, it is not unfrequent to face with unexpected problems due to the wall materials and deteriorated pipelines over time.

walkin bathtub
Many specialized companies offer bathtubs of all types and sizes and guarantee the replacement of the tub with a shower or replacement of a bathtub with easy access with no need to replace pipes, hydraulic system intervenes or carry out masonry work .
Said that, often the installation of these tanks requires very little time or even, in the most simple cases, the execution of work in a single day.


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